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Lockport Community Farmers' Market

Lockport Community Farmers’ Market

Lockport Community Farmers' MarketThe Lockport Community Market is a place for all. This season we will be host to the highest quality food producers, farmers, artisans, wineries and entertainment that Niagara County, and beyond, have to offer. Join us for an array of special programming, including yoga, musical performances, children’s activities, healthy living demonstrations and more! We will now be hosting a community table, where different service groups, organizations and businesses can engage with the community.

When is the market open? Every Saturday, June 17- October 14, 9am—2pm

Where is the market located? 57 Canal Street, Lockport NY 14094

Does the market accept EBT SNAP benefits?  We accept SNAP and participate in the Double Up Food Bucks Plan, matching SNAP money up to $20/ market day, allowing customers to extend their purchasing power.

What do the vendors sell?  Lockport Community Market boasts twenty weekly vendors brining in a full harvest of seasonal produce, honey, maple syrup, dairy, eggs, meats, breads and baked goods, artisan food items, handmade crafts and artwork.

Special Events: July 1—Sept enjoy early morning yoga from 7 am—8 am followed by acoustic music or guest speakers, 8 am— 9 am, at our onsite coffee roaster Steamworks Coffee’s Café. Weekly Music and family activities. July 8: Erie Canal Bicentennial Celebration Day, August 5: Kids Day, Sept. 30: Locktoberfest- “A celebration of Our Community as a Family”, Oct. 14: Last Day of Summer Market

For more information about the Lockport Farmers’ Market, please visit their website at: https://www.lockportcommunitymarket.com/ and their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/lockportcommunitymarket


Check out what is being picked this week*:
Chard, Kale, Lettuces, Radishes, Green onions, Beets, Strawberries

*Availability will vary by market, due to differences in growing zones.

 Recipe of the week: http://snaptomarket.com/?recipe=greens-with-warm-bacon-dressing





Saratoga Farmers' Market

Saratoga Farmers’ Market

Saratoga Farmers' MarketThe Saratoga Farmers’ Market was founded in 1978 as a producers-only farmers’ market with local products from Saratoga Springs, NY. Today, the Saratoga Farmers’ Market provides year-round access to local farm fresh products. We are also proud to be a social gathering spot, offering live music and activities for children and families. Come visit us!

When is the market open? We are a year-round market. From May through October, the outdoor market is open Saturdays, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and Wednesdays 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  From November to April, the market is open Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and

Where is the market located? May — October: High Rock Park, High Rock Park Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY.  November — April: 65 South Broadway, Lincoln Baths Building, Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Does the market accept EBT SNAP Benefits?  Our market participates in the FreshConnect Program — for every $5 a customer spends on their EBT card, they receive a $2 FreshConnect Coupon to purchase additional SNAP eligible foods. Many of our vendors also participate in the FMNP Program and accept FMNP WIC and Senior coupons. All questions and assistance can be found at the information table. We are always happy to help navigate our nutrition assistance programs.

What do the vendors sell? Our shoppers choose from dozens of types of vegetables, fresh fruit, honey, baked goods, pasture-raised meat and poultry, cheese, fish and seafood, jams, wine, yogurt and milk, flowers and herbs, complemented by crafters and on-site prepared food. Newer vendors are offering items such as pickles, crackers, and hard cider.

Do you have special events planned? We have special events each month: June-September – (annual) Power of Produce Club for Kids; November – (annual) Opening Day at Lincoln Baths; December – (annual) Holiday Boutique Market; January – (annual) Market & Health Fair; April – (annual) Spring Festival; May – (annual) Opening Day at High Rock Park

For more information on the Saratoga Farmers’ Market, please visit their website at: http://www.saratogafarmersmarket.org/ and their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/SaratogaFarmersMarket/


Check out what is being picked this week*:
Chard, Kale, Lettuces, Radishes, Green onions, Beets, Strawberries

*Availability will vary by market, due to differences in growing zones.

Recipe of the week: http://snaptomarket.com/?recipe=greens-with-warm-bacon-dressing



Norwich Farmers' Market

Norwich Farmers Market

Norwich Farmers' MarketWhen is the market open? NFM is open year-round, Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where is the market located? Spring/summer/fall in East Park, Norwich, NY; Winter in Howard Johnson’s ballroom just up the street from the park.

Does the market accept EBT SNAP Benefits? NFM is the only market left in Chenango County which offers the SNAP program, FMNP-WIC, FMNP-SR, WIC V&F, CNY Health Bucks — $2 coupons that can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. For every $5 spent at farmer’s markets using SNAP on an EBT card, shoppers receive $2 in Health Bucks. We also accept Fresh Connect Checks — $2 rebate checks for every $5 in SNAP benefits spent at a participating FreshConnect Farmers’ Market.’

 What do the vendors sell? Local farm products year-round (produce, meat, eggs, fiber products, maple, honey, grains & beans), baked goods, local crafts (jewelry, personal care products, etc.). Meat includes lamb, goat, chicken, goose. You also will find Chenango County honey, NYS grown flours, and more.

What is happening on July 26? The MyPlate Scavenger Hunt III.

What makes the market special? NFM is administered by a nonprofit which encourages military veterans to consider a career in farming; supports young people just starting in farming; offers free guidance for home gardeners; promotes the humane treatment of all animals – pets and livestock; offers training in food safety; donates to food pantries, and encourages the spirit of volunteering.

For more information on the Norwich Farmers’ Market, please visit their website at: https://www.localharvest.org/norwich-farmers-market-M61160 and their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=norwich%20ny%20farmers%20market


Check out what is being picked this week*:

Chard, Kale, Lettuces, Radishes, Green onions, Beets, Strawberries

*Availability will vary by market, due to differences in growing zones.

Recipe of the week: http://snaptomarket.com/?recipe=greens-with-warm-bacon-dressing



Snap To Market

How to Use Your SNAP Benefits at the Farmers Market

Having farm fresh produce available on a weekly basis is an excellent resource for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Much like our grocery stores Farmers Markets are becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Thanks to the Farmers Market SNAP Benefit program all EBT cardholders are able to purchase goods and produce at participating Farmers Markets. If you’re a cardholder here is what you can expect when you head out to your local Farmers Market.

When you first arrive look for a table with a banner that reads “Use Your EBT Card Here”. Hand your card to the cashier and purchase as many $1 tokens as you need. While shopping look for the market booths with an “EBT Tokens Accepted Here” sign. You do not have to use all of your tokens in one shopping trip. Unused tokens can either be refunded back onto your card or you can use them the next time you shop at your Farmers Market. Keep in mind that the tokens are market-specific and cannot be transferred between markets.

The overall experience of being at a Farmers Market is more enjoyable and the selection is always fresh and unique. What can you buy with your tokens? You can purchase everything from fruits and vegetables to fresh baked bread and dairy products. Sometimes meats, fish, and poultry are also available making it easy to plan dinner that night.

It’s not a bad idea to take note of your favorite venders so you can go back and spend time with them during your next visit. The farmers and vendors are always willing to share recipes and preparation tips with their customers. They can keep you informed on what’s in season and what will be in the future. Making it more about the experience is beneficial to both you and the vendors. So take your time and enjoy!

What’s being picked this week: Grapes, Beets, Cabbage, Broccoli, Beans, Zucchini, Peppers, Eggplant, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Onions, Raspberries, Collards, Kale, Apples, Brussel Sprouts

Recipes: Looking for a way to make your lunch exciting? (http://www.honeyandbirch.com/grilled-chicken-salad-lettuce-wraps/)

Photo Credit: Patrick Kuhl Via Flickr Creative Commons